Special It.

Larnka Shop


Created in 2017 by school friends Aneel Halabi and Michel jIo, Larnka Shop is an Fashion & Equipment brand and online retailer, based in usa. Providing special design for out outdoor family, Larnka Shop has established a fast growing community of followers worldwide.

two long-time mates felt the need to fill a outdoor equipment and fashion. The idea came about while we were on our first camping trip aroud the world - noticing a very narrow window for guys to show personality through their vacation fashion. and we started to make our unique fashion.


unique and helpful products that every camping lover need to have.

Our Investment in Happiness is more than our product guarantee and our commitment to a great experience for our customers. It’s our philosophy on doing business and it’s symbolic of how we care for our team, our community, the natural environment and most importantly, each other. At Vuori our guiding principles are simple...we aim to make great products, be in great relationships and live extraordinary lives.